Re: pics

goodnewfgril <ralf.jansen@...>

I gave the suggestion based on experience. It's certainly up to you
what you do with it. :-)
Please don't think I disreguard ANY suggestions I recieve here; all of
your thoughts and experiences are precious to me, especially now, when
this is all so confusing to me.

When I get information, it's realizing that there are many 'situations'
that horses are living in, and that what will work for a horse that is
in an Equestrian Centre won't be applicable for a horse turned out
24/7. I just want to be sure I'm doing the best for Wookie, in her
particular situation.

About the HAY... I don't have the facility to soak hay this year...
Next sumer our barn will be built... Would the 'cubes' I haave noticed
spoken of in the forums be better for her?

Angie J

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