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T3 35 range 40-80 ng/dl
This is a relatively small decrease, within the lower range for
some labs. Could be mild "euthyroid sick syndrome".

What is "euthyroid sick syndrome?" In 1/07 it was 49.
> RBC 5.9 range 8.5-11.8 x10?

Is that a typo by any chance? What were the MCV and MCHC? This
number doesn't fit with the hemoglobin and hematocrit.
CHEMISTRY 2/08 *10/6 **6/06 2/05 6/01 Range
WBC 5.3 7.2 7.2 5.7 5.3 x10 to the 3rd
RBC 5.9 7.9 9.86 6.28 5.83 x10 to the 6th
Hgb 10.4 13.9 18.3 11.3 9.8 11.0-16g/dl
Hct 30.1 41.8 52.3 32.5 29.7 32-46%
MCV 51.1 52.9 53 51.7 50.9 38-52
MCHC 34.5 17.6 35 34.8 33. 30-33g/dl

* Severe skin infection on one hind leg and sheath. Reoccured in Dec.
on other side.
**CK was 2281 IU/L. I think is a indicator of tying-up? Luke was
never worked.
When I charted those numbers, it looked like he was all over the
place unless blood wasn't handled correctly. Sorry, it maybe more
info than you need.

How was it handled?
All samples are iced. Purple tube contains blood for complete blood
count and is spun when vet gets back to office that night. Thyroid,
Insulin and blood chemistry is in other tube and not spun but

We probably won't see 40's until April and I'll wait.

Thanks so much,

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