Jacks glucose/insulin results

Pauline & Jack <takarri@...>

I have received Jacks result today

Results as sent:

Insulin 237uU/ml
* Glucose 7.8mmol/L (3.3-6.7)

Amended insulin/ glucose ratio: 214.7 (<30)

Perstistant hyperglycemia with hyperinsulinaenia can be seen in insulin
restistance with Cushing's disease, phaeochromomcytoma,non-insulin
dependant DM

The acth will be delayed for another 2 weeks as the lab forgot to send
dry ice with the courier & they only run the tests every 2 weeks...grrrr

I phoned my horse vet to tell her & she said oh my god! before her
phone cut out.

Can someone please confirm what I don't want to hear?

Pauline & Jack

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