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Deb Platt

I am NOT one of the experts - but some horses are sensitive to Glucosamine. The J herb has helped my younger horse a lot, and some what with my older mare with a severe case. Both are off of bute and looking better. Where in NM are you at?
Deb in Tijeras NM

Suzanne Fielding <fielding_suzanne@...> wrote:
Thank you to everyone who replied with suggestions regarding my horse's laminitis. It was wonderful to hear that many of you have conquered this horrible, horrible aliment and maybe there is hope for Player.

I have been following an IR diet I found in Perfect HOrse authored by Dr Kellon and it is very similar to the emergency diet. I have been following this diet since early December. It states that it is ok to give the horse apple peels. I also understood from another source that yams were a good alternative to carrots? Am I correct in both of these situations?

My horse seems to be getting worse daily, not better. My vet is coming out this afternoon to check him again and to xray him. He is in such pain; I am surprised at the suggestions to stop the bute. How quickly should I see some relieve in terms of his pain?

I also feed my horse Strongid 2X, biotin, MSM and glucosomine (in powder form) and source. Would any of those be aggravating my situation?

I feel as if I am pretty much already following the temporary diet, but have not seen any relieve. Is there something I am missing or something I can do to break the cycle of pain we are in?

He has his shoes on and my vet has suggested that his feet are probably too sore for the farrier to do anything to them. He is due for a trim on Feb. 25th.

Thank you all so very much. Player and I are greatly appreciative of your support and help.

Suzanne in New Mexico

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