Nutrequin update

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Hi all
I got the fax back from KER & the info was the same as their web site-
so no update at all. I did end up buying some as I figure its better
than nothing at this stage.

I did another post re Wheaten chaff analysis 105848- but haven't
heard any feed back yet

Then I was informed about another possible product -

I won't get time to compare/analyse tonight-will do this t'row, but
thought the response interesting.
If I am going overboard or this is OT please let me know

Unfortunately it is our policy not to provide a list of ingredients
in our product as it can lead to competitors copying our product. In
regard to a guaranteed analysis - some of our raw materials don't
carry a guaranteed analysis more of a minimum analysis for key
minerals. We test our products regularly and they are in line with
European regulations which stipulates maximum variance allowed from
the bag label to the actual content of minerals and vitamins.

Equilibrium Mineral Mix Composition (/kg)
Calcium 127 g Iron (ferrous) 2792 mg
Phosphorus 88 g Manganese 596 mg
Magnesium 47 g Cobalt 4 mg
Sodium 107 g Selenium 8 mg
Potassium 38 g Iodine 4 mg
Chloride 139 g Vitamin A 250,000 IU
Sulphur 7.4 g Vitamin E 1250 mg
Copper 945 mg Vitamin B1 300 mg
Zinc 2020 mg Folic Acid 100 mg

Equilibrium B1 Cool Mix Composition (/kg)
Calcium 120 g Iron (ferrous) 2700 mg
Phosphorus 74g Manganese 580 mg
Magnesium 67 g Cobalt 4 mg
Sodium 54 g Selenium 8 mg
Potassium 27 g Iodine 4 mg
Chloride 112 g Vitamin A 250,000 IU
Sulphur 10.2 Vitamin E 1875 mg
Copper 905 mg Vitamin B1 1225 mg
Zinc 1980 mg Folic Acid 100 mg

In regard to a custom batch the minimum we could get a batch down to
would be 500kg and that would last a pony 40 years.

What are your main concerns with customising a mix - maintaining the
balance between minerals or ensuring they receive sufficient levels?
Are you concerned about excess minerals?informed about another
product -

My reply was a brief explanation about IR/Cushings needs & that
things will need to change in years to come- invited them to ask more
questions- we'll see.

Hope the weather has abated

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