Positive Changes/ less soreness/diet change made a HUGE difference

n rand <nantomluna@...>

Tom developed laminitis last fall. (turned out at grass without his muzzle when I was on vacation) Tho I increased his pergolide, added ginseng per Dr.Kellon, and took him off grass, he was still in awful pain in December. He was still eating a flake or two of alfalfa hay with his grass hay because the stable owner refused to believe that alfalfa had anything to do with his soreness and certainly not his sheath swelling.

Then I moved him to a to a lay-up (temporary) facility. He receives the same diet (Safe N Easy and TC Low Starch forage) except the alfalfa, plus the lay up added ground flax, cinnamon, buckeye harvest salt. They were religious about putting his soft-ride boots on for the first two weeks, and he "walked" the paddock paradise 8-9 hours per day with other horses.

The changes have been spectacular. His sheath is no longer swollen, he is no longer standing "camped out", and except for minor soreness caused by his arthritic hocks he is moving better than he has for many years.

If I ever was doubtful about the role of diet with Tom's IR and Cushings, I certainly am not now. Plus, wearing the boots 24/7 for almost three weeks and exercise, tho only at a walk, he moved almost all day rather than standing at a hay feeder.

I have purchased 40 bales of grass hay from the faciity and am taking them to Tom's new home (boarding with a friend at a private home) I plan to get the hay analysed and balance his diet, now that I will control hay. I also will try to make a mini paddock paradise so he MOVES during the day.

Anyway, the point is there IS light at the end of the tunnel. In November I was told by the prior stable owner to accept it that Tom was old and crippled and that trying to "fix" him was chasing rainbows. Glad I chased those rainbows. (With the help of Dr.K. and this group!)


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