Help...purina born to win

julie congleton <juliecongleton@...>

My neighbor has a little mini with laminitis and separation and white
line...I started her this week on the bp diet, I thought. The vet wants the
mini on Born to WinL Can you post anything back to me explaining if this is
a good plan or not. Joey is having a lot of trouble getting around on his
front two hooves. The vet told her to stall the mini but the farrier told
her not he's out with the big horses on a dry lot. He is rejecting
the bp (molasses free cause I gave her mine) but a friend of mine was over
there and said the girl didn't soak the stuff - there was no water in it at
all. She just gave it to him like thatL Any help?

Julie Congleton

Mom to Mason and Emma-Joy

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