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Since the chasteberry is natural would it be better for him to be on
that vs. pergolide? Can chasteberry and pergolide be given together?
Hello and welcome to our list!
Could you please give us a name to address you by?
Natural is not necessarily better.
Chastetree berry seems to help with some of the symptoms of cushings
but not necessarily in lowering the ACTH. In the initial stages of
Cushing's many members started out giving CTB, but as the disease
progresses have had to switch to pergolide.
Pergolide is much more effective and quite safe in the small dosages
required for our horses.
I have seen some situations were both were given but Dr. Kellon will
have to address the reasoning for that.
I'm curious.....
What symptoms did he display to suspect cushing's?
What test was used to diagnose his cushing's ?
Do you have a pre-pergolide ACTH level?
And what is his current pergolide dosage?
If your horse symptoms are controlled & is doing well I'd leave well
enough alone.
Claire from AZ

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