Altered diet for Kasha--please tell me if I'm doing right

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Many of you in the group have been so wonderful with your help and
your kindness; I hope you can help me with this, too.

This is my plan for changing Kasha's diet and supplements:

I am taking him off the glucosamine and probiotics supplements; I am
going to get Devil's Claw from somewhere (suggestions?) and
Chondriton in Equi-Flex (I read that somone is using it with

Kasha's laminitis pain is helped by Bute, so if I go to phyto-quench,
will it help similarly? He is also helped by the EZ Boots with pads.

I think I should be getting Jiagulon, but I'm not sure why (can
someone refresh my memory?). I am also getting pergolide capsules
from Thriving Pets (is this vendor okay?) to replace the liquid and I
am upping the amount from 1 mg to 2 mg (up .25mg every 5 days).

I'm not ready to get another diagnostic test, but when Kasha got a
little viral sickness (had a fever for two days and then shook it
off) my vet took blood and said his kidneys looked great and white
cell count was good--she was happy to see he was able to shake off
whatever he got. I am wondering if this episode could have triggered
his return laminitis? I also wormed with a combo wormer around that
time. Bad, right? I didn't know at the time...

Kasha gets Mountain Sunrise timmy pellets and beet pulp (extra good
rinsing and soaking and rinsing) and now that I don't put the bitter
meds in it (Laminasaver & Cimetidine) he seems to like it (joy!!). I
add a little cinnamon, freshly ground sea salt and up to a half cup
of freshly ground flax seed. He also gets Biotin and Magnesium in a
flax base. He has Bermuda hay to munch on (can't do the analysis--I
can only do so much at this point). I have been adding rice bran
pellets to the beet pulp mix, but I have ordered Carb-Guard from Blue
Seal (I'm UPSing two bags--it's costing $80, but what can I do?) to
replace the rice bran. I will use it sparingly, but I also want to
put it in his toy instead of the rice bran pellets, as someone
suggested. Kasha needs something to have fun with--emotional health
matters too, right?

Sorry this is so long, but I wanted to make sure I was on the right
track before I start ordering. I do so appreciate the help. Kasha's
spirit has never waned, and even as he is shuffling in pain, he still
wants to walk out with me. Such a trooper!

Thanks so much for your help, you amazing and wonderful people--I
will be awaiting replies--

Kathy & Kasha

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