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Henry had a cresty neck which I thought might be his thyroid. I had
the vet do blood work and the results came back that his ACTH level
was elevated. The vet said he was pretty sure he had cushings. The IR
testing was never done. Henry was put on pergolide 1mg daily and has
normal ACTH levels now.Thanks for your input.
Depending on what time of year his ACTH level was done, he might not
be Cushing's at all. It may have been a seasonal high. A cresty neck
is a symptom of Insulin Resistance. A long, curly coat that doesn't
shed, increased water intake and output and lethargy are typical signs
of cushing's. My advice is to check him for IR with a glucose and
insulin level from the same blood draw. If he is indeed IR, the
management would be diet not pergolide. I wouldn't put it off for too
long or laminitis could be your next symptom.
Claire from AZ

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