Emergency placement of 2 horses in Texas

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*****We have been given permission by Dr Kellon to post this message
on this group*****

Our rescue was contacted this week by a lady who needs to place two
very special needs horses. She has moved more than 300 miles a way and
the horses have been looked after by family and friends who have no
clue what they are doing.

5 year old gray Shetland mare, IR and needs emergency diet change. She
is currently foundered and has been for some while. Owner never
changed diet and said vet did not advice (vet told me otherwise). Vet
says horse is full of fat pads and hardly standing. He s in a farrier
to do trim. Left bute for owner and advised of diet change. Needs to
be on Tyroid L and maybe pergolide.

28 year old gray arabian mare who is blind in both eyes. Is ridable in
round pen or arena, but not safe on trails. No other known health
issues, but probably needs better diet than what she is getting. Has
recently had teeth pulled and floated. Both horses current on
vaccinations (early this month) but both will need to have coggins
before being moved to new home (owner willing to pay for coggins).

Vet told me owner is killing these horses with kindness. I have talked
with the owner at great length and she told me she is going to have to
leave these horses behind next week when she returns to new home, she
is leaving them with a couple she met at the store last Monday!!!!!!
They know nothing of horses. Nor will anyone be available to check
that the horses are being looked after.

We do not have any room here at the rescue to take these horses in.
Special needs are no problem for us here at Creekside, as we have had
and still do have some special needs including cushings IR and blind.
We just do not have space left. There is just no where we get fit
these horses in here. The horses are very bonded and need to be placed

Please if you know of anyone who may be able to take these horses in
please contact this rescue 972 734 2998 or email me directly at

Owner is willing to pay a monthly fee to have these two in a safe
home. We DO NOT have these horses with us, they are still with the
owner, we are just trying to help her place them. If you can help we
will give you owner info. The horses are located in Azle Tx, and owner
may be able to transport to your location.

Judith Homer ..... President and Founder
Creekside Farm Horse Rescue

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