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Hi Maureen, welcome to the group- sorry you need to be here. By the
sounds of things you are in a critical situation right now. Start the
emergency diet you were sent when you joined the group immediately.
This is a temporary fix but will move you in the right direction.

Take Rose off the pasture immediately-drylot turnout only. No dried up
weeds, no grass sprouts, nada. For now, feed her your timothy hay at 2%
of her body weight. Soak it first for 1/2 hour in hot water or 1 hour
in cold and pour off water where she cannot get it.

Stop the Gro and Win, Four Flex and Garlic (if feeding it)

Use rinsed/soaked/rinsed non-molasses beet pulp as a carrier for 2 tbs
iodized salt (grocery store variety), vitamin E gel caps 1000 IU/ 500
lbs bodyweight, magnesium oxide (either from local feed store or human

Where do you live? What kind of horse is Rose? Age? Weight? Body
condition score? As she is nine months pregnant, she will need other
things added to help the situation but this will get you started and
help her feel better.

When the cushioning material flattens, take it out, cut off the front
portion ahead of the frog and then add a second piece of full hoof size
cushioning to it on the bottom side and put both pieces back in the
boots. This will help support her frogs/coffin bone but give her
pressure relief in the fore part of her foot.

We've had a few IR, pregnant mares with laminitis here on the list and
they have done well and gone on to have healthy foals so don't panic
just yet.

Lavinia, George and Nappi

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