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hi ~ thank you everyone.

the thing i was going to do was weigh the bales from 3 of the places i
buy (t & a) hay from (depending on if and what they have on hand).
they all charge about the same but it seems like they do not always
seem the same weight wise. i know i could tally up the individual
flake weights but thought weighing the bales would help me determine
which place i should try to buy from more often than the others? no?

i know, i know the quality is very important too, right? i'm working
up to that!

i just got home from taking my cushings mare out to a new riding place
where my niece lives. she is SO kind and SO willing. my niece riding
her all over the place and saying "i've been wanting to do this my
whole life." absolutely priceless...

more later,


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I've got an antique hanging balance-beam scale, it does the trick,
as it goes up to 100# without additional counterweighting.


(who's got a house full of neat and sometimes useful stuff).

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