weighing hay

Abby Nemec

I do weigh bales. Every so often I weigh a few to be sure my "feel" is still accurate. I put out 2.5 bales of hay per day for 5 horses (well 4 horses & one pony), and the bales weigh on average 40-45 lbs. I'm lucky that my horses seem to average out pretty well as a bunch. Still have some fat horse/lean horse issues sometimes, but since my guys are all stable on their current diet this is accurate enough for our needs.

We group feed 3 horses in one paddock & 2 in the other. I divide the horses as "keepers". Easy in one group, hard in the other.

I use the 50 lb scale from the fishing section, which holds a bale just fine. I snap the ring end onto the two cross ties in the aisle, and hang a bale from the hook.


Abby Bloxsom

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