Analysis for Poulin Carb Safe?

Teresa Palumbo <teresa@...>

I'm planning to switch from McCauley Brother's Alam to Poulin Carb
Safe. Since I regularly visit family in CT, I will just get it there.
Slightlylower NSC and fat. Since I can't seem to get Alixia any where
near compensated IR, I'll try it.

Is there an analysis posted for this anywhere? I searched the Files and
archives, but found nothing. I want to see if I need to "tweek" my
minerals with this change.

This is of course assuming Alixia will eat it. If not, Ollie will have
a year's supply of "a handful" of Carb Safe to mix his supplements with.

Teresa, Alixia and Ollie
Lititz, PA

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