Re: weighing hay

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I give my horses one bale each of a timothy/broome/alfalfa mix.
Do you mean brome?

Bales are anywhere from 60lbs to 70 lbs each.
Do you mean you give each horse a bale which weighs 60lbs to 70 lbs?

I also do not feed it all at once... I give it to them several
times a day (every time they finish) and more at night if necessary
due to cold weather.

Sorry,I'm having trouble you mean you feed each horse
(how many is that?)a 60-70lb bale of mixed hay a day,and MORE than
that if it's cold weather?

2.5 bales does not enough for 4 horses and a pony...
How so? Sounds just right to me,according to the weight of her bales
(40-45 pounds Abby said.)

Also.. "keepers" are horses that have an abnormal metabolism which
could be easily fixed with the right supplements...

Ok,now you've really lost me.Can you explain the above,please?

Do you subscribe to any horse related magazines? They offer plenty
of info for the layman, unless you have a great vet that you can
learn from.

...or unless you join the Equine Cushings list which provides plenty
of accurate information for the layman and professional,if that's the
distinction being made.


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