Re: Hoof casts

Eleanor Kellon, VMD

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Abby, Tina's continuing problems are recurring abscesses in both
front feet.

To the extent the casts would make her more comfortable so she moves
around more, they might help by getting these collections to mobilize
but it sounds like your problem is a common one with subsolar
abscesses - it's just hard for them to find a place to break throughy,
especially with a heavy sole build up. They also tend to be walled off
in multiple areas that don't necessarily connect with each other and
therefore do not drain at the same time. If her IR is controlled,
that's probably why she continues to have abscessation. She's just
hasn't eliminated all of that material yet.

The antibiotics are a judgement call that only your own veterinarian
can make and if there is concern about the coffin bone that certainly
takes precendence. However, antibiotics do slow the resolution of
abscesses. Abscesses "mature" and make their way to the outside by
creating an inflammatory response when they leak small amounts of
bacteria into the tissues around them. If antibiotics are on board and
ready to kill the organisms, the inflammatory response is lessened or
prevented. Navilam is a mixture of Devil's Claw and Hawthorn. Neither
one of those is in Phyto-Quench. The Hawthorn can help support
circulation, important to mobilizing abscesses, but is much weaker than
Jiaogulan or even Phyto-Quench. The Devil's Claw is anti-inflammatory
and this again will slow abscesses from draining.

If her feet are mechanically sound, and it sounds like they are from
your description, walking her as often as possible will help. If
there's question about her laminar integrity, the casts will allow you
to walk her with greater safety. The time-honored hot soaks and hot
poultices also help.


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