Re: angels lab results - acth not very high?? / pergolide

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hi cindy and all,

i am interested in knowing if the acth being on the low side is good
or makes no difference?

i did a cursory look in the pergolide file but did not find the
pharmacy info that you all use. please point me in the right
direction as my vet says it is going to be $100/month to have her on it!

cindy, her previous name was angel. the girls re-named her harriette
because of all her hair. but, we have since changed it back due to
her temperament. and all of my animals are senior/rescues as i have a
soft spot too for the oldies but goodies.


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ACTH 61.5
Insulin 3.93.

any comments appreciated about them...
I'm sorry I missed that the first time. I seem to be missing a lot
of posts lately...
Since you asked for comments: the ACTH is higher than normal but not
too terribly high, *if* it is in the units I am used to. (What are the
units on that?) As a comparison, Alf's was 199 pg/ml just before I put
him on pergolide (though he was on CTB at the time). Are you getting
the pergolide capsules that we all prefer? What dose? Did you only get
insulin from that blood draw? (Units?) Not glucose?>
Just trying to keep up with Angel (what an appropriate name!), as I
have a soft spot for older horses. I'm sorry if you discussed all this
before; as I said, I have not been getting all the posts.
Cindy and Alf (and entourage) in NY

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