Re: Hoof Casts

Nancy C

Hi Ute -

One of the things we like to get new members to do is make ample use
of our files and message archives. They are a treasure trove of

Please take a look at Tina's case history at http://

Additionally you can get up to speed on what Phyllis is and has been
doing for Tina by searching the message archives, especially using
the advanced search feature. Following this little guideline is
helpful for both the stressed out member (who doesn't have to keep
starting from scratch on her case history) and the volunteers.

Thanks for your help and cooperation on this.

Nancy C and Beau and Gabe in NH (where it's melting today finally!
But will be icy tomorrow :-\)
> What does her diet look like? We see problems with recurrent
> that is often still diet related.
> Ute

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