Re: colicky 2x in six days

Phyllis Begg <pbegg@...>

Anne, not lazy at all. I used to buy my hay off of the fields. It nearly killed me. It is really hard work. When buying it in the winter, the farmer has already, taken it off his fields in blistering heat, had to put it in the barn, take it out of the barn, stack it to deliver it, and many times at the other end take it off and put it in the barn. Most people wouldn't do it, which is why people work in offices, and stores, where the pay is better.

Your hay man has had high costs as well in producing the hay, cost of tractor, other machinery, gas costs, repairs to equipment, cost of binder twine. A lot of the younger farmers just find it easier to do round bales, and another reason why so many won't touch squares. My square bale supplier is in his seventies, and I don't know where I am going to find someone to equal him in service and delivery and at a reasonable price.

Sorry Anne don't mean to preach, but I have been there done it and don't want to do squares again. Phyllis

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