Re: weighing hay

Nona Runyon

Actually that sounds about right given the bale weight and number of
horses. I feed two 60# bales a day to 6 full sized horses and up that
amount by 25% during unusually cold, wet weather. They also get 1.5 to
2 lbs of alfalfa/day to supply their calcium and protein needs which my
grass hay doesn't meet.

Do you mean you give your horses one 60-70# bale for all of them? How
many are there? I guess my horses would do their best to each eat a 60#
bale a day, but there would be a lot of wastage, and they would blimp
and burst in no time. What a mess that would be:-).


Margherite von Ahsen wrote:
2.5 bales for 5 horses?

I give my horses one bale each of a timothy/broome/alfalfa mix. Bales
are anywhere from 60lbs to 70 lbs each.

2.5 bales does not enough for 4 horses and a pony...

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