Re: angels lab results - acth not very high?? / pergolide

Cindy McGinley

"luckycharmfarm" <LuckyCharmFarm@...> wrote:

i am interested in knowing if the acth being on the low side is good
or makes no difference?

Somertimes it makes a difference in the dose you should probably start at, that's all. But all horses are different. The amount one horse responds to may be totally different than another horse.

i did a cursory look in the pergolide file but did not find the
pharmacy info that you all use. please point me in the right
direction as my vet says it is going to be $100/month to have her on it!
What dose did your vet tell you Angel needed?

We get our pergolide from Ian at Vet Pet Solutions. His number is (303) 320-6034. I just bought one hundred 1 mg. capsules for $50.00 (plus $5 postage). That's 50 cents a day for Alf. I can't imagine with that ACTH number that you would want to start any higher than that. (You have to have your vet call in a prescription to Ian.)

You might want to check to see if she's insulin resistant, too. Sometimes Cushings horses also have IR. That might make a difference in how you try to get weight on her. You would need to do an insulin and a glucose from the same blood draw and then calculate the ratio. If you want to do that, the gurus here can help you through it.

cindy, her previous name was angel. the girls re-named her harriette
because of all her hair. but, we have since changed it back due to
her temperament. and all of my animals are senior/rescues as i have a
soft spot too for the oldies but goodies.
Yes, that's right, I thought you said before her name was Harriette...but hey, Angel obviously fits her. :-)

- Cindy and Alf (and entourage) in NY

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