ACTH levels norm, but feeling YUCK in fall?--long


Hi all,

Closed my eyes, crossed my fingers, and ordered an ACTH on Color
Guard last week. Previously he had tested negative for Cushings
based on DST, but he routinely feels rotten from about October
through January 1st, and while he's been curly since I bought him at
the age of 3, his coat did seem heavier this year....

Don't have the lab norms in yet, but he came in at 22.8, with a note
from the lab that levels above 50 are considered indicative of
Cushings, so I'm thinking he's "normal."

Questions for any who'd like to comment:
1. Is it possible that he's "normal" this time of year, but his
seasonal highs are very high, making him feel rotten?
2. Does anyone treat w/ pergolide in the fall for horses that are
not cushings?
3. What other steps can I take to make him more comfortable during
the fall months?
4. Any other ideas on what to check to see what's giving him the
seasonal case of pokeyness?

I pulled G/I on him as well, as I tend to do every 4-6 months.
About 4 weeks ago, his levels in excercise dropped to nothing for
about a 10 days, due to momma having this flu that's plaguing the
country. I did not decrease his ODTBC ration until I noticed my
first weekend back, that he was "footie", and his swollen hard
cresty neck was taking no prisoners. Not sound enough for riding, I
got back on our routine and hand walked him for about an hour every
other day. Crest came down, soundness and perkiness came back. All
was well. Recently trimmed soles show indication of internal
bruising, so definitely had inflammation w/in the hooves. He's been
sound for 2 wks, and I expected his insulin numbers to be sky high,
usually in the 250 range when sore, but he came in at 50 I and 88
G. That's his 2nd lowest test ever.

5. Does this make any sense?
6. Is there anyone out there that tests on a very frequent basis?
How long does it take for numbers to drop back to lower levels after
an "incident"?

Thanks for the feedback in advance!
Kim & CG

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