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Maybe my experience with the abscess monster my horse went thru is worth passing along. When my boy abscessed my vet used a dremmel tool to drain them and we kept them wrapped in gauze soaked in betadine and duck tape wrapped a tight seal. Duck tape works great. Draining the abscess brought relief right away and lessened the time he was on bute. Soaked it daily in iodine or betadine careful not to get the iodine on the front of the hoof. Three hoves abscessed one after another. By two days after draining the abscess he was walking and stalled of course and able to walk without pain.It took 8 months for his feet to grow back and 5 of those stalled with light exercise and he's now sound on all fours. He got out of his pasture and ate a ton of apples in the neighbors field. That was the beginning of our nightmare..
I guess it just depends on the vet for a treatment plan. He took x-rays and no rotations. It was a constant pain to soak for a couple of weeks but he was off bute in a day or two and the farrier did the rest. I hope to never go thru that again.
I'm sorry for your poor horse and your dealing with the abscess over and over. Maybe the vet can drain them rather than wait for them to come thru by themselves. Less pain for the horse to relieve the pressure from the abscess. We had very good results with that treatment. Just thought I'd pass our experience along to you. Good Luck!

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