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Saucier Kathy

You said their email claimed they have a Timothy Balancer Cube with beet pulp and timothy hay. Do you know for sure that it is from Triple Crown? I went to the Triple Crown website and couldn't find it.
I am wondering if it is another brand. or the website is out of date with their full list of products.
Kathy Saucier

Re: feed
Posted by: "idlerranch2@..." idlerranch2@... idlerranch1996
Date: Tue Feb 26, 2008 11:36 am ((PST))
I got the analysis back from Triple Crown..................
The lady that emailed said they also have a Timothy Balancer Cube that is beet pulp and timoth hay that does have a lower NSC and a Triple Crown Safe Starch Forage that is guaranteed to be NSC 10% or lower.
Can anyone give me some advise on all of this?
Thank you so much

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