ODTB cubes in TX?!

Saucier Kathy

Ok I would like some feedback from people in Texas that would be interested in the Ontario Dehy Timothy Balanced Cubes.

I just got an email back from Robin Staloch at Triple Crown with a suggestion.
At present Evergreen Mills that distributes Triple Crown in Texas does not stock the cube products at this time. But Robin gave me the reps name and number to call and see if he could consider ordering a couple pallets of Timothy Balancer cubes as part of a mixed truck load of cubes. If I had some names I would more ammunition to convince him.
Please email me directly at gksaucier@... and tell me your name, your city and who your Triple Crown feedstore is.
That fact that TC is carrying the Ontario Dehy products is a big big deal. We may just have a chance. Same goes for other parts of the country that are in the same boat as TX.
Just a couple years ago we didn't even have Triple Crown.
Folks we are making progress. We just have to be squeaky wheels and speak up.
I want to thank Dannice for putting me on track. Yes their Timothy Balancer cubes are ODTB. Yee-hah!
Kathy Saucier

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