Re: ? on Mountain Sunrise Tiimothy Pellets for Kasha

Joan and Dazzle

Hi Kathy,

No. You're not safe unless you've tested the pellets that you have.

Mt Sunrise does NOT guarantee that the sugar and starch levels are
low. The sugar and starch levels that they have are a reflection of
the sugar and starch that is in the hay. I tested them repeatedly.
I, personally, have not had any that have tested above 10, but there
are others who have and the number was above 10.

Mt Sunrise is different from most pellets available here in Southern
California in that they contain no molasses and no binders. So, in
comparison, you have no extra sugars from the molasses and you have
no extra iron from the binders.

The only product that I've seen that does have ingredients that are
no-no's is their Bermuda Complete pellet.

They are not guaranteed. Have you tried the Triple Crown Safe
Starch? Some horses have heat from the fat content, but other horses
do really well. Dazzle thought it was extremely tasty, but was
allergic to something in it and broke out in hives. Poor girl.
Everything that she likes to eat disagrees with her somehow!

The dislike of the beet pulp may be just that, or it may be that it
started to go "off" with the heat that we've had. Now that the temps
got a little more moderate, you may want to try again.

You may also want to try dabbling with the flavors that are
available. There is a list in the files about picky eaters. Usually
this refers to their supplements, but you could try it with the beet
pulp too.

You may be safe with the Mt Sunrise, but you would only know by

Joan and Dazzle

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I have from a good source that the Mountain Sunrise pellets are
and starch controlled.
--am I safe?

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