Re: chaff analysis-please food gurus

Joan and Dazzle

Hi Pauline,

Sorry for not responding earlier, I think it looks pretty good. But
what I don't know is if sugar is really ESC (by our measures) or
WSC - which are both just testing methods. I can't think of anything
else that it could be.

Either way, this appears to be very low in sugar and starch. So,
from what I know, it looks OK.

I usually don't post if I have qualifiers to my answers. And this
one does have a qualifier, just because I don't know what they
consider "sugar" - or if there is a component to "sugar" that I
don't know what it is. If you add the two together, it makes it
2.8%. I'm just not used to seeing hays (or chaff) that is that low.
That's what makes me question if there is something else "missing",
or that I didn't take into account.

So, I think there are others who have looked at this and thought
that same thing. I wasn't overlooking you, I was hoping that someone
else would jump in and *know* the answer.

Joan and Dazzle

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I would appreciate an opinion on this wheaten chaff that I have
ME Ruminants 4.9 mj/kg
DM 90%
ME Horse 3.9 Mj / Kg
Starch 1.7%
Sugar 1.1%
Fat 1.3%

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