Re: WAS ODTC cubes NOW ODTBC Source List in FILES

Susie Gordon, MD <whitneygt@...>

The BEET PULP and Ontario Dehy BALANCED CUBES source list is currently under
the file at the HOME page entitled BEET PULP. Open this file and you will
see BEET PULP SOURCES. I currently have ODTBC cubes sources listed there as

YES.. I KNOW this is sometimes difficult to find. I am working on an
additional list for SAFE FEEDS. I do not expect to have this completed
until the end of March at the earliest secondary to my professional time

I am more than aware of the complaints on the list (which have been voiced
on the list and to me privately) wrt not being able to find my list. I am
trying to address the membership concerns as quickly as I can.
Unfortunately, I am sure it is not fast enough, but it will get done.

Thank you for your patience. As always, I would love to receive any updates
on information I currently have in the files.

Susie Gordon, MD
EC List Moderator

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