When to worm & vaccinate?

Lori Long

First of all I want to thank everyone, especially Dr. Kellon, for their
input on my mare. FINALLY, FiFi appears to be on the road to recovery!

Have a couple of quick questions. She was due to be wormed the first of this
month. Obviously, I held off as I didn't want to do anything to upset the
delicate balance and have her fall back into severe laminitis again. She's still
quite sore, but definitely better than she was. When would it be OK to give
her the wormer? She's (as are all of my other horses) on a rotation schedule.
This time she's due to get Strongid.

Also, what are your thoughts on Spring shots. She's always fared well with
them when she was healthy. When should I have those done and is there anything
I shouldn't give her.


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