Re: Joint supplements and Cushings

Kay Howitt <akkray@...>

Hi Nora and All...

My consulting vet said it was OK to keep feeding Flex Free or something similar,
as well as the MSM and biotin supplement my gelding has been getting for years.
I think it's good to be very cautious about supplements with Cushingoid horses. I
get so much free advice about this or that herbal blend, but I never mess around
with what is working. I've heard something about yucca not being good, too, but I
can't remember the source. Does anyone know where to read about it? The problem
with most of the blended products on the market is they include so many
ingredients that you really would have no idea which one was working, or causing
harm. I stick to single-ingredient supplements as much as possible.

I appreciate you folks, as I run into very few other people who know anything
about Cushing's. Kay in AK

Somewhere I read that yucca in supplements makes cushings worse as it
INCREASES the bodies cortisol release.
Has anyone else heard about other joint supplements ???
I give mine corti-flex , ...maybe I shouldn't even give that ??

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