Possible ODTB cubes in TEXAS

Saucier Kathy

This is still in the works but I wanted to give a heads up to people in Texas that we are working on getting the Ontario Dehy Timothy Balance cubes to Texas thanks to Triple Crown and Robin Staloch the nutritionist there who is speaking to our distributor Evergreen Mills.
I have a list of individuals that I have corresponded with, after my previous email a few weeks ago, that have an interest so if you are in Texas and are interested also, and not received my personal emails, do go ahead and contact me. We are arming Robin and Jerral with the interest to get the president of Evergreen to go with this. Contact me at gksaucier at verizon.net.
When this is approved and TC is supplying our distributor we can add us to Susie's list!!
Kathy Saucier & Magic
Carrollton, TX

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