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I have been using the regular APF since last fall. It has done wonders for my horse's attitude. We had to up his Pergolide and he would get depressed. It turned him around. But we found we had to keep his daily dose to 4 mls APF (he weighs about 850 lbs although ideally should be 950-1000). Less than 4 and he gets depressed.
He gets 3.0 mg Pergolide daily.
Also some of our most stubborn symptoms, sheath swelling and excessive peeing, have gone totally to normal. This is the first time in 3 years to get these two things totally back to normal.
Another piece of info. We just had an ACTH run and he is slightly above the normal range. And he does not have the perfect diet. So I think the results we have seen with the APF really speaks volumes!!

This 24 year old guy with C's and IR has a lot of muscle wasting and is very skinny, but now he runs out into his turn out in the mornings kicking and bucking and we are loving seeing him act like this!
I found that even though I have one of the pickiest horses out there, he likes the taste of the APF. I am able to put it right on his feed.
Kathy Saucier

2.1. APF
Posted by: "Ian Hudgings" ian@... vetpetsolutions
Date: Tue Mar 25, 2008 10:03 pm ((PDT))
I've had a number of requests for APF recently so I just added this
supplement to my inventory. I would appreciate any feedback on APF
and/or APF Plus........Has this dosing worked for horses on the list? Do you
give this with or without food?
Thank you,
Ian Hudgings
Vet Pet Solutions
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