Re: suggestions for feeding free choice loose salt?


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I wondered if just filling a small bucket with loose salt
and hanging it in a run-in shed would be OK. I've only
used the blocks before. Will this clump up or become "bad"
or ?? Any ideas appreciated. Thanks. Debra
I do this for our horses,
have a hanging bucket of plain loose salt, it will get a bit dusty at
times so I scrape off the top layer every now and then,
the draw back I have seen so far is we do live in a very humid area
and it does get clumpy, and the hardware to hold up the buckeds got
really rusty fast.9 salty evaporation.

I smoothe out the salt every now and then to see if there are 'tongue
tracks' in it and they seem to use it. i do still add the appropriate
amount of iodized salt to thier Bp mix.

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