Eleanor Kellon, VMD

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Dr K my question is this..Are there any contraindications in doing
an ovary removal on a mare like this when they do test positive for
either IR or Cushings?

That's always my knee jerk reaction to (and would have parted with my
own more than once when they were still working!).

The down side is that the sex hormones, when normal, have a
regulatory activity in the brain, at least on Prolactin. They also
may have a role to play (again, when normal) in insulin sensitivity.
IR in stallions is virtually unheard of, but not geldings. In woman,
and presumably mares, insulin sensitivity varies throughout the
cycle; high when estrogen is high, lower when progesterone is high.
Menopause lowers both and lowers insulin sensitivity.

When the ovaries are abnormal, it's a chicken or egg question but I
suspect the IR comes before the ovarian problems. If the IR is
corrected, the ovaries return to normal function.

Bottom line is a I don't really know if it would benefit them,
metabolically anyway, but suspect not.


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