Understanding IR

Eleanor Kellon, VMD

I don't know why the blasted notice isn't showing up, but I just put
up a new file:


File itself is called "Cushing's and Insulin Resistance Week 3
Appendix". It's an excerpt from the Cushing's and IR online course
that explains how all the blood/biochemical abnormalities can be
traced to one enzyme system.

Some background for those not taking the course:

Leptin - a hormone produced by fat cells. Horses with IR are also
resistant to leptin. Leptin normally turns off appetite and instructs
cells metabolically.

Adiponectin - another hormone produced by fat cells. Low in IR. It is
insulin sensitizing.

Adipokines = hormones/messengers produced by fat

Cytokines = cellular messengers (adipokines are a type of cytokine)

TNF-alpha - an inflammatory cytokine elevated in IR.


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