Re: Uncontrollable IR despite balanced diet and ATTENTION MARE OWNER

Eleanor Kellon, VMD

--- In EquineCushings@..., genelegnce@... wrote:

I do not know what either of these are---so will look them up--so
the answer
is no I haven't <smile
They induce ovulation.

--I am getting blood work done soon so what hormonal
profiles should I do?
If she's cycling, and you know where she is in her cycle, estrogen
and progesterone.

--now the difference is --2 who
test high have lived in Nevada as has Elegance(high sugar grass
hay) and
also Elegance and these 2 daughters have had IV glucosamine
what do you think?
I think IR is a genetic predisposition, that can be tipped over the
edge into full blown problems like laminitis with the wrong diet!
Intravenous glucosamine will definitely cause insulin resistance -
but not permanently.


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