Re: Vit E: an easier way?

Dayle Silverman <silvergrfx@...>

Thanks for the info, but I think I'll stick with the Synthroid for me
and the Thyro-L for HRH. I switched back to Synthroid after being
bounced from one generic to another. I was miserable. I finally
demanded Synthroid and no exceptions. I'm finally back under control.
It has taken a lot of dosage tweaking to do it. My weight was good,
until I slipped in the yard on some ice and broke my ankle. HRH is
doing well with her regimen, so I'm loathe to change anything. She
foundered 5 years ago, a sinker. She's sound, her weight is good, and
I ride her 4-5 days a week except during the worst of the winter.
Right now we're just longeing because our footing is a little too
wet, and her display of airs above the ground this morning was awesome.


Dayle and CAL Enchanted Princess

<<two things--I use hot water and put the vit e gel caps in and it
melts and
then I put this on goodies -
Next -I use Armour thyroid --I was taken off armour in the 90s--I was
it was no longer available--they put me on synthyroid and it is the
stuff-( I had mood swings weight gain hair color changed) from red to
might want to try the armour it is natural and far better in my
had to starve when I was on synthyroid--now I can eat and not gain wt on
armour---I have been on thryroid since I was 10 yo and I am 62 --go to also use armour for my horses--I would
never use throL or
synthyroid --

One other small bit of info. My girl is on Thyro-L. I also take
Synthroid, and am getting older, so I require vitamin E. My
endocrinologist is adamant that vitamins, like E be taken 4-6 hours
after the >>

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