Sharon Tydell <flaxenmare@...>

Hi, Joan,

Thank you for your reply :) I do feed beet pulp, but it isn't putting weight on her. I give her vitamins and minerals from a custom mix from Horsetech which I put in the rinsed and soaked beet pulp, along with stabilized rice bran. She gets two flakes of Timothy hay in the a.m. and two in the p.m. I used to give her Bermuda hay, but she went on strike and wouldn't eat it.

That's a good point about the oat pellets maybe having molasses as a binder. I didn't think of that. I will check, but probably will discontinue feeding it to her because I've read some articles and gotten feedback that oat is not good for IR horses. Rats!!!

Will any of the "safe feeds" you mentioned put weight on her?

Thank you.


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