ODTB cubes dry or soaked

Saucier Kathy

We are getting closer and closer to getting the ODTB cubes in TX. It has been approved and they are working out the logistics of storage. I hope in a couple more weeks I have a big announcement to make to everyone down here who wants to give these a try.

So while waiting for that to happen I would like some opinions.
My barn owner really doesn't like the idea of feeding cubes dry. She has a fear of choke. She wants to soak them like she does the alfalfa cubes for the rest of the horses. My thinking is if they are dry he can munch on them off and on all night when he is up whereas if they are soaked, he will only be able to eat so much at one time and then it sits getting nasty.

So please give me some experiences with this and what concerns I should have.
Kathy Saucier & Magic

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