Re: ODTB cubes dry or soaked

Mandy Woods

These cubes are smaller than most others. They measure just less than an inch wide. Their length varies...from 'fines' to a quarter inch to 4inches. It doesn't take much to soften them. IF you just spritz them with water the fluff up. Each horse will be different about their preference from dry to wet. Save the 'fines' at the bottom of the bag and use them for flavoring BP. Some horses eat those readily dry. Most horses like the flavor of them. If a horse doesn't feel satisified with just cubes you could add a flake of hay for chew time. It takes Asher one hour to eat 4 pounds of cubes. We do this 4 times a day plus a soaked flake at night. All you will need to add, if this is your complete diet is Vitamin E, loose salt and freshly ground flax seed. Feed at ground level. I use an 18 gallon rubber maid storage container.
Mandy and Asher in VA

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