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Saucier Kathy

In the spring I start with what they call a trace clip. That basically goes from under the jaw down the neck to each side where the jugular runs, fans out at the chest. And back when I was riding included the cinch area. When it is warm enough that we are no longer in danger of cold fronts, I do a complete body clip. This has worked well for us. Back when we were still riding, I was doing 5 body clips from April to October in north TX, just to give you an example. Last summer when he was retired we got away with 3 clippings. He presently has a trace clip while waiting out our crazy up and down weather.
If you clip against the grain, the hair will be shorter. This is good to know for summer. If there is any concern in spring or fall about cool weather, you can trim going with the hair instead of against it. This leaves it slightly longer.
It helps a lot if you can bathe them (saves on dulling blades) and coat well with a polish like Show Sheen or Vetrolin Shine type stuff. The clippers will glide right through the hair. And have lots of Kool Lube spray to keep the clipper blades cool.
And for your own fatigue, have a rubber mat to stand on and a step stool to get on top without the hair falling in your face as much.
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3a. Clipping Question
Posted by: "JMillwood5@..." JMillwood5@... jhumbertsabo
Date: Tue Apr 15, 2008 3:18 pm ((PDT))
For those of you who clip your wooly ones, what form/pattern do you use?
I' ve never done this before. Do you clip all over?
Josey Humbert-Sabo---Teddy 22 yo Cushings Morgan/Quarter

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