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Hi Joan
& thank you yet again

Have you been able to contact any of the ginseng growers in
still working on the ginsng growers.

When thinking about things like this, I tend to think specifically
things like, did it make an improvement in my horse? Is my horse
stable? I would always decrease the dosage gradually. Did you start
seeing any symptoms as you decreased the dosage?
I'm happy with the way jack is going at the moment-still si=ticking
with your recommendations re pergolide dosages. How does one calulate
the correct dosage/with testing/seasonal rise etc/ is there a formula?

Believe me, when you are first doing this, there is nothing easy
it. But once you get a routine down, it's just something you do.

I agree with that - the hubby will even now soak the hay & just
about agrees with all that I ask & is now contemplating a pulley
system!!I have most things made up in advance in case I get held up
at work or something happens to me- at least the horses are ok- he
can look after himself.

PEMF blanket daily.
what is PEMF?

thanks again to one & all for your support & kind words of
encouragement that always seem just at the right time

Pauline & Jack

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Dr K suggested that I put Jack on Ginseng while we are
first seasonal high-
How long does he need to be on the Ginseng?
Is it just during the high season or to get over a crisis?
Pauline& Jack

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