Blood work

loescal <loes1@...>

Hi, I am Loes and new to the list - I have a 12 year old Friesian that I have had since he
was 4 and most likely has had Cushings since he was 7 (many symptoms); because of his
age he was not diagnosed (ACTH) until he was 9.

My vet uses a lab that does not appear to have accurate Insulin & Glucose readings and he
is not willing to send it to a lab of my choice. Since the cost of the blood work (TBF -
Insulin/Glucose & ACTH) is $350.00 it is almost like throwing away money. The lab he
uses picks up the blood daily and my gut feeling is that they don't want to be bothered
packing and sending it. If they get the blood ready I would not mind packing it up and
shipping it. I have mentioned it and the answer was that since I am not a vet I can not
start an account with a lab.

My questions ares:
1) Does anyone know if Cornell accepts blood work from a private individual and if so who
would I contact (phone & address).
2) How do I pack it appropriately



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