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Thank you Mandy (and of course Asher):

While I am new to the list (couldn't get on it before due to my poor
computer skills) I have had excellent advise from stables mates (the
human kind) and friends with similar problems. I have also consulted
with Dr. Kellon. Romke is both Cushings and IR plus additional
problems (immune system, muscle and tissue), he has been on the
Dehy cubes for over a year and loves them (he and I are very lucky
that way). For the past 2 years I have done about 7 blood panels
each year just to get a handle on it and I feel that it is the only
way to know what is going on (provided it is done right and it is the
right lab). I had to change vets in January, I interviewed the new
one but did not know until I got results of 2 blood panels that his
lab is not what I want. I was just recently made aware that they
have a reputation for their readings on Insulin & Glucose. I like
the new vet a lot except for his being stubborn about the lab. I am
trying to find a way to make it acceptable to both him and me. If
if is just going to be a matter of getting his signature on the
submission form that may just be the solution. I am going to ask.

Also, you mentioned BET LABS - there is one in southern California
that one of the local vets uses - is it one of the recommended
labs? If all this already has been posted I am sorry - I am still
trying to find my way around this mountain of information. I was
looking for a Recommended Lab listing and could not find it.



Loes & Romke

On Apr 23, 2008, at 8:18 AM, Mandy Woods wrote:

Hi Loes,
Boy ~ you sure know how to push buttons!!! I read your post and
First, Welcome to the group. You are in for the ride of your life with
your Friesian! The education you will receive here is mind blowing,
to say
the least!

The list philosophy is DDTE. Diagnosis is by bloodwork which you've
experienced. The bloodwork we recommend is the endogenous ACTH test,
Insulin and Glucose from the same draw and a thyroid panel. Please
tell us
what test your vet used, what the value was, the unit (mg/dL or
pmol/L) and
the lab normal. You are by law entitled to a copy of your lab work. BE
FIRM. You and the vet have blended the symptoms which do overlap. The
bloodwork will confirm conclusively which syndrome he has. Its
possible he
has both. Is he on medication? IF he has Cushings, that is treated by
medication. If he has IR, that is managed by Diet.

Since the cost of the blood work (TBF -
Insulin/Glucose & ACTH) is $350.00 it is almost like throwing
away money.
The lab he
uses picks up the blood daily and my gut feeling is that they
don't want
to be bothered
packing and sending it. If they get the blood ready I would not mind
packing it up and
shipping it. I have mentioned it and the answer was that since I
am not a
vet I can not
start an account with a lab.
OUCH! You paid a pretty penny. I think you should seriously
consider using
another vet. Interview them on the phone or in person before you
them. Many of us have been through several vets before 'settling'
on one to
work with. Sadly, this is new cutting edge information here that
most vets
in the field are not up on it, so their doubt in you and your
source comes
to the front. You could print some files about us, Dr. K's bio and the
testing files to show your vet we are here.

Cornell is one of the labs we recommend. The problem now is they
require a
vets signature on the submission form. Can you pull your own blood?
Please read the Cornell file regarding handling the samples. Its a
bit of work that some vets offices aren't doing properly like
keeping the
tubes cool/one ice, spun/seperated within 4 hrs of the draw, packed
shipped overnight to the lab of choice. BET LABS in KY does not
require a
vet. If you can do the work, they will accept your samples. Just
them. LSU, TX A&M, MSU Lansing, Cal Davis are some labs that do the

So, read the files and ask questions!
Mandy and Asher in VA

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