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loes <loes1@...>

Thanks Sandy - probably another example of California pricing - my
previous vet charged about $250 ($200 for the blood plus $50 for the


On Apr 23, 2008, at 11:41 AM, Sandra Su wrote:

At 4:49 PM +0000 4/23/08, Loes wrote:
Since the cost of the blood work (TBF -
Insulin/Glucose & ACTH) is $350.00 it is almost like throwing away

I just had a vet from Cornell out to do Penny's tests and
give her her spring shots. The vet visit and shots cost me $55, and
the blood tests, which were billed separately, cost $80.50. The blood
tests were: ACTH, insulin, glucose, and a thyroid panel.
So, if you are paying significantly more than that, you are
getting ripped off.

Sandy Su

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