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I want to make a dry lot for my three ponies. I have about 1 acre
I'm in the same boat-My trimmer metioned that pea gravel wouldn't be
suitable for their feet- to soft. But as I don't even know what pea
gravel is- I can't say for sure. Using sand would concern me regarding
sand colic.I have sprayed my dirt with zero at more than dble strength
& it is the only paddock that new grass keeps shooting up- typical. I
have been quoted $2-2500 (oz) to surface it with crushed rock &
then "dust"- small bluestone with cement dust- & that is just for the
materials- not spreading or rolling it-not an option!
At the moment it is lovely hard dirt- but a little bit of rain & it
will be come very slippery. So would appreaciate any ideas as well
Pauline & Jack

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