Re: Cushings - how young?

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I bought my Friesian at 4, could never make much muscle - no immune
system to speak off, cresty at 6, pneumonia & colitis at 7
(hospitalized for 4 weeks) , no one suggested cushings and I didn't
know what cushings was. Fat pockets at 8, at 9 did not shed,
developed curly hair, I wondered what was going on. While surfing
the net accidently ran across a cushings website and a light went
on. Had him tested and he tested positive (ACTH). I wish he had
been tested a lot sooner. Personally would rather spend the money on
a simple ACTH test and find out he is not cushings than wait -------
but---- that's me.

All his life he has had the best of care and feed - was wormed
regularly - had his shots, teeth floated and lungs rechecked. He was
and still is very pampered and no expense spared.


On Apr 24, 2008, at 9:29 AM, Kyle wrote:

So how young can a horse develop cushings?
I have a 4 year old who looks very suspicious to me -

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