Re: Joint supplements and Cushings

Susan Laflamme <f4mlatir@...>

Hi, I had problems with the liquid corta-flex it had too much sweetner in
it and brought on laminitis attack. I have my horse on a yucca/
glucosamine/ ester-c supplement and have had no problems with the yucca at
all as a matter of fact she is more sound than in the past 3 years since
starting this. We went from needing to have her put down to having her
galloping around and the only change was the suppliment. I really do
believe that each cushings case is different.

At 09:31 AM 5/10/00 -0700, you wrote:
Somewhere I read that yucca in supplements makes cushings worse as it
INCREASES the bodies cortisol release.
Has anyone else heard about other joint supplements ???
I give mine corti-flex , ...maybe I shouldn't even give that ??
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Subject: [EquineCushings] Digest Number 31
Date: Wed, May 10, 2000, 1:49 AM
Not only do I wonder about her
coordination but also didn't some people find that joint supplements
to make the Cushings worse? Or is that too big of a leap?


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