Re: Jacks new hay results

Joan and Dazzle

I hit send too soon...

And how much does he weigh?

Joan and Dazzle

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How much do you feed him per day?

Joan and Dazzle

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Just got new hay results- will attempt to file out file
spent 30 mins playing around with it & have given up.

as sampled
De Mcal/kg 8.7%
protein 8.7%
lysine .3%
ADF 38.6%
NDF 60.6%
ESC 2.3%
starch 1.5%
NFC 14.8%
calcium .31%
Phosphorus .18%
magnesium .18%
Potassium 1.26%
Sodium .292%
Iron 240 ppm
Zinc 28 ppm
Copper 6 ppm
Manganese 101ppm
Molybdenum .90ppm
RFV 80%

Would appreciate any input. Strange how it doesn't look so
daunting anymore

Pauline & Jack

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